What We Do

We understand the practical side of getting the job done; and the technical side of getting the details right. At Old World Stone we combine the traditional craft of cut stone in the hands of European trained stonecutters and carvers, with state-of-the-art technology using computerized drawings, cutting and carving equipment. All of the dimensional work is done on-premises, which assures quality control and timely delivery. The result is a one-of-a-kind expression of stone design created affordably.





3-D Scanning

3-D scanners have changed the way we record site measurements and capture architectural detail.  Our hand-held 3-D scanner is a portable device which records a triangulated mesh of detail which is saved to an ".stl" computer file.  Scans are done in the field, saving the time and expense of dismantling ornamental detail and shipping it to our shop.  We have used our scanner to record the sculptural detail of finials and crockets and to capture the complex geometry of tracery windows, among other applications.  Finished scans are then used to creat drawings and CNC files for shop production.

Old World Stone also offers scanning services for archival purposes.  We scan architectural stonework in-situ and provide clients with both ".stl" and paper records to ensure that the details of these treasured elements are preserved for future generations. See our recent scanning video below:


Robotic Milling

We use a 7-axis robotic milling system with a custom-designed milling head to carve stone.  The water-cooled system is programmed to follow an efficient tool path around the solid block of stone, removing excess material using a variety of interchangeable cutting heads. The finishing of robotically milled pieces is completed by the skilled artisans in our banker shop.  This process saves time and reduces repetitive wear on our team of craftsmen.  See our robot in action below:

Old World Stone In Action!