Where do you get the stone from and what colours are they?

Old World Stone does not own a quarry.  We buy rough blocks from quarries in Europe and North America.  We are often trying to match existing stone on historical buildings, so we look for the closest available geological match.  Our inventory changes based on availability and current demand.  See our attached sample board for some of the most common stones in our inventory.   Sample Board 2019

Are you open to the public?

Yes, we are open to the public, masonry contractors, architects, and property owners.  Please make an appointment to ensure that we have staff available to service your needs.  Be sure to bring your project drawings, sketches or photographs. Wear sturdy walking shoes or safety boots.  We are open Monday – Friday  8 am to 4 pm EDT. 

What textures or finishes are available?

The most commonly requested finishes are sawn, sanded, sandblasted, bush hammered, honed, rock-faced, split, or tooled.  Sandstones and limestones take just about any finish you can imagine, however they do not polish like marble or granite. They have a matt finish.  Often, we are asked to match an existing tooled pattern in stone.

How much does it weigh?

It’s heavy! On average 150 pounds per cubic foot or 2400 kilograms per cubic metre.  Make sure you have adequate structural support to carry the load of this material.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver to the curb of your project site. Delivery charges vary depending upon distance and load.  A forklift or loading dock at the site is usually required. You can also pick up from our yard during business hours Monday through Friday.  We load with our forklifts.

Do you have a catalogue of standard products?

No, we don’t have a catalogue, but we do have a set of standard profiles for jambs, sills, band courses and balusters.  These will give you some ideas if you need it.  We custom fabricate everything. Send us your dimensions and designs and we will follow up with a quote.

Base/Plinth Course   Balusters             Jamb/Lintel/Arch       Pool Copings

Can you make something special for me?

Everything we do is a special project.  Custom orders are our business. We do everything from landscape sculpture, fireplace mantles, balustrading, window and door surrounds….. Bring us your ideas!

Should I apply a sealer to the stone?

Generally, we discourage people from applying transparent sealers to natural stone.  The pores of the stone must breathe. Moisture, which enters the stone as humidity in in the air or as rain, must also escape.  Sealers tend to impede this natural migration. Special circumstances, such as bbq areas, may dictate special surface treatments.

How do I place an order?

Start with a telephone call or email to one of our sales representatives.  We need to know the kind of stone you are looking for, the dimensions, quantities, and the profile details. Photos of the existing building or sketches of your new idea are a good start.  A site visit may be in order for more complicated projects. We will prepare a quotation for your review and approval.  Sign the agreement and send it along with a deposit to our office.  We will send you a set of shop drawings and/or cut sheets for the stone.  Check these carefully to make sure all of the dimensions and details are correct.  Sign these back to us, and we will start production.  You can pick-up or have the stone delivered as soon as it is ready. For international orders, we take care of all the shipping, Customs and brokerage details.

Confused by all the jargon?

Learn some of the technical names for details by studying our series of architectural terminology posters.  You can plot them full size at 24” x 36”.