Employment Opportunities – Join the Team at Old World Stone

Stone Cutters and Carvers

We are always looking for formally apprenticed stone cutters and carvers.  A minimum of 5 years’ experience cutting limestone and sandstone using traditional mallet and chisel and air tools is required.  Send your resume and portfolio of your work to info@oldworldstone.com.  We will respond and invite qualified candidates to an interview and trial demonstration of their skills.  Candidates must be currently eligible to work in Canada and have a valid SIN. 

International applicants with all the required training and experience, may apply, however the process of immigration approvals is complex, expensive and lengthy.  Contact  your local Canadian Embassy  for details with regards to working in Canada or visit the website.


Sawyers & Machinists

We are also seeking sawyers and robotics technicians to run our shop equipment.  Experience using overhead cranes, handling stone slabs and blocks, forklift driving is required.  Experience with CNC equipment and robotic programing are desirable.  Send your resume to info@oldworldstone.com.  Once again candidates must be currently eligible to work in Canada and have a valid SIN.